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This is the website of Hugo Fernandez and his International Tango School fabulous Team.  We are based both in  Australia and in Argentina, and our commitment is to make better tango  (and related rhythms) dancers all around the world.


I personally invite you to have a look around and contact us if you believe you need to ask any question.


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Wow! Greatest Values of the Tango

February 18, 2016


A few tango legends gathering in this little clip.  You will recognise the very popular voice of Jorge Vidal singing "Un Baile a Beneficio" by the side of Osvaldo Pugliese and Virginia Luque.  Then Alberto Moran singing "Abrojito" (Also a Pugliese's singer) .  Also José Basso and Roberto Florio (also Di Sarli's singer).  Roberto "Chocho" Florio was the owner of a melodic voice in his younger days.  Listen to this one after watching the video. Circa 1990.