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Classes, Seminars, Workshops - Clips


Find below a small recollection of links to some 'sneak peaked' recorded Classes, Seminars and Workshops by Hugo Fernández.  
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Hugo Fernández - Maria Fjellheim - Massive Tango Class

Brisbane City Hall, Brisbane, Australia 2001

Video-documented mass class by Hugo Fernández and Maria Fjellheim !  This time it took place after the Tango Concert "Dance!", organised by the Queensland Orchestra (Australia)

Hugo Fernández - Maria Fjellheim - Teaching Tango in the Australian Bushlands

Woodford Folk Festival

This clip was filmed at the Woodford Folk Festival (Queensland, Australia) in December 2001

Clase Magistral de Tango en Villa General Belgrano - Hugo Fernández

Villa General Belgrano, Province of Córdoba, Argentina. 14/01/2012.

Tango Master Class in Villa General Belgrano, Córdoba. Teachers: Hugo Fernández & Rachel Weeks at the "Casa de la Historia y la Cultura del Bicentenario

Una Clase de Tango Para Niños - Hugo Fernández y Rachel Weeks

Cordoba City, Argentina

A very special Tango Class for Children taught by Hugo Fernández & Rachel Weeks at Cordoba's Historic Colonial City Hall

Tango Nuevo Class at Alma de Tango School, Brisbane, Australia

Hugo Fernandez - Olga Ristic

Hugo Fernandez and Olga Ristic in a sneak peek of a Saturday's Tango Nuevo class 08/02/2014.

Giro Simple Para Vals - Hugo Fernández en La Escuela del Tango

Buenos Aires City. República Argentina, 17//01/2012.

 Hugo Fernández at "La Escuela del Tango" (Lic. Claudia Bozzo). Barrio de Montserrat, Buenos Aires City. República Argentina, 17//01/2012.

Taller de Milonga Bella Vista Tango Club - Hugo Fernández -

San Miguel, Province of Buenos Aires). República Argentina

Milonga Traspié Workshop excerpts at "Bella Vista Tango Club" (Clarisa Glatz y Ricardo "Pelusa" Medero). Teachers: Hugo Fernández & Rachel Weeks, su Clase Magistral de Tango en la Casa de Historia y Cultura del Bicentenario

Immersion Tango Seminar Darwin NT 2010

Workshop Extract

Milonguero Style Technique shown during the Milonguero Style workshop by Hugo Fernández & Vinicius Fernández-Martini.

Immersion Tango Seminar Auckland NZ 2009

Hugo Fernández & Janelle Perkins

Immersion Tango Seminar, Auckland City, New Zealand. 20 to 23 February 2009.

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