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Health & Fitness Workshop Series

Body Conditioning for Non-Professional Dancers


We are so thrilled to finally launch our program Body Conditioning for Non-Professional Dancers. This program is our first collaboration with Lisa Edwards from Queensland Ballet. Lisa was a Senior Soloist at Queensland Ballet, with a stellar career both in Europe and Australia for 18 years. She is currently teaching at the Queensland Ballet Academy. In addition to her incredible contribution to Queensland Ballet through her role as a Senior Soloist, Lisa’s talent has been recognised over the years as she is a current Bloch Ambassador, as the face of the “It’s Live” Tourism Queensland campaign in 2014/15 and in being awarded the 2016 Dream Festival Artist of the Year. Lisa also obtained a Diploma of Pilates Movement Therapy. She fully understands how a dancer's body works and how to fix the body.

Body Conditioning for Non-Professional Dancers is a unique program that aim to help non- professional dancers in our dance community to improve strength, stability, flexibility and stamina, most important things is to avoid injuries and keep you in shape (believe me it is not easy! ) The program is focusing on different muscle groups a dancer would use.

This first series has 4 episodes. Each episodes gives you a full body exercise from head to toe in approx. 45 to 60 minutes period of time. You can pause or reduce the reps where you want to suit your own physical level. I can tell you it is not easy as I was doing all of them alongside of Lisa even for my constantly trained body.


Some exercises are best performed with props, but don’t worry we have used some substitutes that you can find at home to help you with the exercises.  The best results are reached by following the entire program on a regular basis. For that reason we recommend you to get the whole package 4 episodes at AUD $60.0. Also you can purchase the episodes individually at AUD $20.0. You can purchase the series by bank deposit , Paypal and credit card  will be available as well. Please contact us for payment information. Once the payment is made, we will send you details on how to watch the online program.

This is a must-have program for all non-professional dancers to maintain muscle strength and prevent injuries during this challenging time and always. And we are looking forward to seeing your photos doing this program, and receiving your feedback about this program. Get started and enjoy!

- Shirley Yao

Alma de Tango School Dy. Principal


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