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"Thankyou so much for your visit Hugo. The entire tango club was thrilled to have you and enjoyed every minute of your lessons."

Rodney Rutherfurd

Tango Club, Cairns, Qld

"We had a fantastic weekend of Tango and Chacarera in Darwin! Thanks to all those that participated and help us and specially to Hugo!!. We loved to have him here again and we are already looking forward to his next visit...".

Belinda Glasby

Northern Tango, Darwin, NT

"Ciao Hugo. Hope you had a good flight home on Monday and a good start into your busy week. Just a little note to say thank you so much for the workshop.  I really appreciate you making the way up to Townsville for us. I have to say - after a week without tango - it is a shame you are not based in Townsville..." 

Nicole Kenyon

Townsvile Qld

"Dear Hugo, This year sometime we are planning to move to Brisbane hoping to do more tango there. We really miss it and look forward to again attend your lessons in Brisbane. Happy New Year to you".

Karl and Asita Kampmak

Townsville Qld

Hugo, Thanks again for your tuition and performance in Cairns. A small group of us are keeping up with the material that you taught and I’ve started to learn a few new moves of my own" ?


Salsamania Dance Academy Cairns Qld

"Hi Hugo. ...some feedback from Semester 1 & 2:" Hugo is passionate, authentic, friendly and supportive". Very clear instructions, attention to detail in instruction with a personality that made it fun to learn." Thank you for all your hard work this year, and I am looking forward to what 2010 has to offer with our new approach."

Robert Olding

University of Queensland, UQ Sport Program Officer - Recreation

"Hugo!  How is everything going?? Since January I have been in Europe, working and travelling. I needed to do one year of work experience for my architecture degree, and I chose Europe, (...) and also to be closer to my family in Poland. In the Netherlands, I even went with my hosts to a Milonga at their local tango school in Utrecht, but it wasn't as nice as I remember it to be in Brisbane! They had been inspired by tango, when they heard that Jeff and I were dancing..."

Eliza Morawska


"Hello Hugo I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that Laura and Sam thoroughly enjoyed their first lesson last Friday night and that they are both looking forward very much to their next lesson. Thankyou once again Hugo for making it possible for my daughter to have this wonderful experience with yourself and Karen.   My kindest regards"

Glenda Gurney

Toowomba Qld

"During the week of 16/02/09-20/02/09, the QUT Student Guild ran events for Orientation Week in conjunction with QUT Student Support Services.  During the week following between 23/02/09-27/02/09, we also Market Week activities. Alma de Tango School's assistance during this time proved invaluable in ensuring the overall success of these events. Our expectations in terms of customer service and providing products as described have been exceeded. All members of the Events team feel the events ran more smoothly due to your assistance. Please accept my sincere thanks for all your time, effort, support and assistance during the planning, preparation and running of these events. It is greatly appreciated. The Guild events team is nothing without its numerous suppliers and stakeholders. It is a pleasure to be associated with individuals, organisations, departments and teams that operate to such a high standard."

Jarrad Thessman

Events Officer, QUT Student Guild, Brisbane

"Hi I saw the Woodford Folk Festival Tango Performance and was completely won/thought Tango was a complete must but totally impossible; then voila! the GOLD program offered just that. I really enjoyed last Saturday's GOLD program at UQ and felt comfortable in such a group but feel some trepidation in joining mainstream groups (being a female, without a tango partner, and of relatively advanced years). In short, given the above, what would be the best (if any) group to try? Would classes for 'oldies' be a feasible option to consider? I know that dance transcends lots but some of us are rank beginners. I do have the brochure outlining existing classes and appreciate its comprehensiveness . . .cheers"

Clare Harkin

Brisbane Qld

"Dear Hugo, I wish to express my appreciation on the very well conducted workshop on Saturday and Sunday. It was real pleasure to attend. Please keep me updated. Kind regards"

Christine Stuber

Cairns Qld

"Hello Hugo I wanted to thank you again for two great afternoon workshops in Cairns. You again were your normal passionate and compassionate self. With so much talent it would be easy for you to become a bit arrogant like so many teachers. But you are able to remain both humble and considerate, something which makes it very special.  And something we all should aim for. Thank you! After seeing Monica dance last year after only a few months of dancing, I was really looking forward to see her dance with another 12 months of experience under her shoes. I was not disappointed! To me the demo at Casa De Meze was pure art.  Art that I have stored in my memory hopefully forever. And to think she was so unwell at the time. I think she is very strong mentally!  But for me the icing on the cake was Melanie. Such precise footwork.  Such a good communicator (and teacher?). It always amazes me how a girl is able say things, and make you do things, that would start to get most guys back up if said by another guy. So when Melanie says you are doing this wrong or this wrong, and the words start to make you feel weary and your feet start feeling sore and you want to say NO NO. Then, she looks at you with those stunning eyes and you just have to try! So many thanks to the three of you. Please feel free to pass these comments onto the girls. See you next time."

Trevor Reddicliffe

Cairns Qld

"Hello Hugo. Many many thanks for the great tango lessons..........Will and I have had a wonderful time learning from you and will definitely be back for more in August.....we're lucky to have you here in Brisbane. We have one free evening in Paris so will try to organise a lesson with your friends Sebastian & Mariana. Thanks again"

Anne Stanfield

Brisbane Qld

"Querido Hugo, Buenos dias. The experience here is certainly different from when we were with you. The place is good for first-time tango afficionados who do not know how to go to milongas, but it is not really for us. So far I have bought four pairs of shoes, but we do not have much time for shopping. We have found a teacher who teaches just like you, and when the editor of BA Tango introduced himself in "Viejo Correo", when he found out where we come from he said "Hugo Fernandez". So you are well-known here. .... Kind Regards"

Carl & Helen Savage

Brisbane Qld

"Hugo thank you for a brilliant Valentines weekend in Darwin. People are still talking about the cruise and your performance. I am organising some photos to reach you. Via facebook..."

Kelly Hansen

Northern Tango Darwin NT.

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