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Private Tuition - Australia


Private Tuition - Wedding Choreographies


Private tuition is available with Hugo Fernández and/or other qualified Teachers.You can book a private lesson at any time of the day, including night hours, any day of the week. Just contact us with enough anticipation. we would recommend at least with 48 hours in advance.The hourly rate will vary depending on the number of people involved in the private session, where the class would take place and the number of lessons that you plan to book.

Wedding Tango and any other type of tango choreographies are also our specialities! Roll down this page and check a few exaples of what you too can achieve!


Private Lesson with Hugo Fernández


For your guidance, a 1 hour private class with Hugo Fernández for either 1 person or 1 couple is worth AUD $180.00.  If you wish a private class with Hugo Fernández and one of our female instructors together, the hourly rate becomes AUD 220.00


Private Lessons with Other Teachers


Shirley Yao
Private lessons with our Instructor Shirley Yao cost AUD 90.00 per hour.


If you have further questions regarding private tuition please contact us and we will do our best to tailor our learning sessions to your special requirements.

The Wonders of Private Tango Dance Lessons

Check below some examples of what you can achieve with our highly qualified Team of dedicated Tango Teachers. Be either your Wedding Choreography, your Birthday Performance, or just simply the long-deserved and desired joy of achieving that dream dance to treasure in your most beloved album of memoirs...

Buy any of the items listed in this page by Paypal or debit or credit card! Or if you prefer, you can pay with your card in person or by phone!

We appreciate your generous donation to support us in our art and cultural endeavour  

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