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Tango Dresses

Alma de Tango clothing is totally made by the top dress designers and makers from Buenos Aires.


All the dresses  are unique in elegance, refinement and design as they are made with the unique experience that only Buenos Aires designers can boast about.


At Alma de Tango we know how to select the look, the materials and the combination of colours and shapes to keep the essence of Argentine tango so to stress the beauty and sensuality of the female dancer.


Alma de Tango works in coordination with Brisbane's Bello Stilettos who is an expert in the supply of  Argentine-made tango gear for women.


All collections are launched and produced in limited numbers to ensure singularity and highlight personal choice. We also design our own clothing so our customers can also make their own personal order by requesting it.


Materials and design were perfected and tested through real exposition to social tango and actual shows.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Dresses shown here are samples only and due to current public-knowledge state of affairs and restrictions, supply and prices may vary without notice.  You need to write to us to get a confirmation of price and availability.

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