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Hugo Fernández: A Little bit of History...
Hugo Fernandez, Tango...
Hugo: The Tango Dancer, Teacher and Choreographer

Dancer, teacher and choreographer, Hugo is today regarded as one of the most prestigious tango dancers living outside Argentina. He starded his career as a dancer at an early age.  Tango enter into his life when he was just a child, brough to him by his parents Carlos and Zafira, both frequent visitors of the milongas of Buenos Aires.  Originally he started as a  dancer of other dances, learning Argentine Folklore at the 'Escuela Parroquial Remedios de Escalada' when he was  9 years old.  Hugo learnt Martial Arts during his teen years, then he had a short period studing dance at the 'Escuela Nacional de Danzas' and learnt Middle Eastern Dances at the Syrian-Lebanese Club of Buenos Aires and at the Argentine Hebrew Society.

Hugo as a one-year old with Mum and Dad

Hugo recognises the influence of the teachers in his early years as a learner of the tango dance:  Juan Averna (with whom he kept in touch until his death),  José ‘Pepito’ Avellaneda and Petaca Lehrman. During those early years Hugo visited many social clubs, casual tango gatherings (bailongos) and practices (prácticas)during what you may uderstand as a kind of archeological  exploration-like meticulous research of the roots of the tango dance . He used to visit once a week the Cochabamba Club after university classes in San Telmo.  Hugo 'made himself' as a skillful tango dancer in places like the 'Almagro Club', the 'Sin Rumbo' and some other ones which are already gone.

Hugo and His Two First Tango Teachers:  Mum Zafira and Dad Carlos
With my first dane partner: Rosa Amelia Alvarez
Spanish Dancer at the Age of 11

Between 1987 and 1989 Hugo danced in several Latin-American stages including Río de Janeiro and Porto Alegre, Brasil. He came back to Buenos Aires to finish his university studies.  In 1992 he moved to Melbourne, Australia where ho starts a defining era in his career as a dancer and choreographer. In 1996 he introduced the Tango Argentino to the Australian audiences when he took part in musical festivals and folk dances in Western Australia.  

In  1997 Hugo established the “Alma de Tango” School of Argentine Dances which became a centre for the difussion of the Argentine culture in Australia and New Zealand (Australasia). In June 2000 Hugo produced, directed and coordinated the first Argentine Tango Festival in Australasia “Nightango”. In April 2001 he is hired by the Queensland Symphony Orchestra to choreograph and also dance in the Concert “Dance!” alongside the Norwegian dancer Maria Fjellheim.

Concert 'Dance!' with Maria Fjellheim in 2001 Choreographer and  Dancer
Wintertango Festival 2001
General Production and Direction
Concert "The Piazzolla Project" with Trish O'Brien in 2005 & 2006 Choreographer and dancer

Amongst many other projects, during the years 2005 and 2006 Hugo was the musical adviser and dance choreographer of the  concert piece "The Piazzolla Project” under the direction of the prestigious Australian chelist Trish O’Brien. In 2012 Hugo starred the main rol of the Australian short movie “Boundary Street Tango”.

Clare Morehen & Hugo Fernández
Elegance,  beauty and sophistication 
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In January 2014 prestigious Principal Balleirina Clare Morehen joined Hugo Fernández as his Tango Dance Partner.


At the historic Almagro Club in 1995
Concert "Transatlantic Tango" with Maria Fjellheim in 2002 Choreographer and dancer

In May 2002 he was hired by the Queensland Performing Arts Centre to choreograph the Concert "Transatlantic Tango" also alongside Maria Fjellheim. In 2002 and 2003 under his general direction, Hugo produced and organised the “Wintertango” Festivals in Brisbane City and they attracted nationwide and international recognition and decisively guaranteed for the Argentine tango its place as a favored art expression by the Australian audience.

Concert "Tango Nuevo!" with Daniel Binelli and the QSO in 2003 Choreographer and dancer

In September 2003 Hugo was engaged again by the Queensland Government to choreograph a new concert 100%  devoted to the Argentine Tango and to the bandoneonist and musical composer Astor Piazzolla. It was named "Tango Nuevo!”. Its exquisite musicalisation was carried out  by the Queensland Symphony Orchestra and the legendary bandoneonist Daniel Binelli.

Australian Short Movie "Boundary Street Tango" in 2012
Starring Acting Role, Choreographer and Dancer
Hugo Fernandez, the Movie Star

Hugo continues to the present day to be the leader of his Brisbane based School “Alma de Tango” .  At the same time he conducts specialised traditional technique classes and workshops for tango, milonga and vals around the world, including his birthland Argentina.


Since 2012 Hugo has been teaching regular group classes and seminars in Buenos Aires City, the Province of Buenos Aires and other Argentine provinces.  For enquiries and bookings contact us now!

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Master Classes and exhibitions. 
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