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Hugo Fernández: A Little of History...
The Gomels

Zafira Gomel was the youngest sister of  six children.  She was born in Córdoba , capital City of the so called "La Docta", the Argentine province of Cordoba.  three yars after their arrival from Europe, the Gomels moved to Buenos Aires, the Argentine Federal Capital City.  Zafira, my mother,  was only 2.  As millions of other Europeans, my grandparents Alejandro Gomel and Rebeca Eskenazi migrated to one of the four preferred destinations for the Europeans escaping the wows of the war: Argentina, by then the 4th economy of the world.  The other 3 options were the USA, Canada and Australia...

1955: Mum Zafira at 18

Mum grew up in the barrio de Villa Crespo, by then a preferred location for Jewish settlers in Buenos Aires. By the time my mum was in her teens, the tango was at its peak ever.  The popular Golden Age orchestras and were disputing the preferences of adults and youngsters. Week after week, full-house wherever they were playing.  In those times, 'acceptable' tango venues for a young girl were the social or football clubs.  Of course, always escorted by her mum. My mother learnt tango through his older brothers and sisters: Daniel, Isaac, Susana, Luisa and Catalina.

 It happenned on the verge of last part of the golden age, the renaissance of tango in the Argentine. Dad was already a well-known milonguero by then and a tireless fan who would never miss a live presentation of D'Arienzo's typical orchestra. After a few years of  milongas, bailongos and politics, they married in 1962.

Hugo Spanish dancer at 11

Hugo moved to Australia in 1992.  Since then, he has conducted group classes, tutorials and workshops throughout the Country.  In the year 2000, Hugo assisted by partner Norwegian Maria Fjellheim, organised the first International Tango Festival ever in Australia, the Wintertango Festival.  Hugo & Maria continued the Wintertango series, which congregated for the very first time,  personalities of the Tango dance, music and singing both from Argentina and Australia until 2002.

Hugo 1999

Hugo Fernández is the Principal and founder of the Alma de Tango School of Argentine Dances in Australia. The School has its headquarters in Brisbane City, Queensland,  where an experienced team of Senior Dancers personally conduct most of the classes, workshops and courses that Alma de Tango offers throughout the year. 


Hugo is currently in his second year of a world-wide tour, so if you want to book him just contact us!

1957 - Dad Carlos at 28

Carlos 'Asmito' Fernandez was born in Cordoba.  At only 5, his father (Spanish immigrant Don Jacinto Fernandez) passed away.  Being just a child he have to start working to help her family.  It was the time of the war in Europe and another wave of hundred of thousands of European immigrants were arriving in Argentina. Being in touch with  older people in a tough environment, he soon learnt the language of the streets, the language of the tango...

1959: Mum & Dad

Dad become familiar with the toughness of the "malevos" and the survival of the fittest as a rule of life.  Carlitos, very soon, learn that tough guys also can be good tango dancers.  He was amused by the tango songs that, during the evenings, filled her childhood with a tango dream.
 My parents met during a milonga at the Club Atletico Atlanta, in the central BA neighbourhood of La Paternal.

Hugo at Kindergarden

 Hugo was born & grown up in Buenos Aires City.  Son of both parents tango dancers.  Officially started dancing at the age of 12 introduced by his father Don Carlos, Hugo became a regular nightime milonga patron at 16. Hugo is today an accomplished tango dancer who developed his own style through 20 years in the tango scene, 10 of them in Buenos Aires.  Hugo is very proud of his teenage-time legend teachers Juan Averna, "Petaca" Lehrman and Jose "Pepito" Avellaneda.

Hugo at 20 Rugby training

Hugo is also a recognised choreographer.  His concert "Tango Nuevo" featured Hugo and other dancers of Alma de Tango, together with the great bandoneon player Daniel Binelli (life long  Piazzolla's bandoneonist & friend) and The Queensland Orchestra in September 2003. Hugo spends at least 2 months a year in Buenos Aires.

Tango Nuevo Concert 2003

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