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November 18th Year 2000, It was the Golden Event in Australia (and New Zealand's!) dance history.

The first International Festival of Argentine Tango ever organised and it was in Brisbane!

November 18th 2000 was the Crown Night of The First International Festival of Argentine Tango in Australasia and this CD registers 61 minutes of live music that historical night. 

Only 50 originals were produced to commemorate the Event.  This CD was a luxurily designed piece of art, check the accompanying images depicting its costly artwork.  It is a MUST HAVE!


Hugo Fernández was the Sole Producer, Choreographer, Custom Designer, Coordinator and Artistic Director of the whole Festival and Nightango.  Almost two decades later, Hugo has decided to offer to the general public the possibility to own one of the few last copies left of this unique piece of history.


Order your copy now!

"NIGHTANGO" Original Soundtrack to NIGHTANGO Debut

SKU: CD100
$80.00 Regular Price
$72.00Sale Price


    We guarantee the perfect condition of this VHS.  No return or refund in this unique piece original collectable item.


    For more information refer to our Terms & Conditions

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