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Vals is the third piece of the Tango trilogy at its most traditional and popular style. Many call it "Tango Vals" while others "Vals Cruzado" however it is identified simply as Vals, vulgarly "Argentine Waltz". The word "waltz" meant "dancing turning round". Its origin can be found around 250 years ago in Europe, where it was qualified as an indecorous dance. The huge wave of European immigrants brought their music and dance to Argentina in the 1870s. Thus, the first Argentine-born generation grew up enjoying or even modifying the old tunes, however preserving its style and allowing the newly born "Vals Criollo" to become a rhythm which allowed to be danced.


Vals  group classes are organised by our School on Saturdays.

If you have further questions regarding tango styles and which style is the best for you to start with, please contact us.  We are here to help you!

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