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Shirley Yao
Senior Tango Instructor Shirley Yao
Shirley: Dancer and Teacher

Shirley is a Senior Tango Instructor and acts as the Dy. Principal of our School when Hugo Fernández is away teaching either interstate or abroad.

Shirley started as a student at our Alma de Tango School in 2008 and since then thanks to years of hard training and expert tutoring from not only Hugo but a long list of the most renowned  Argentine Tango dancers of the world, has evolve as one of the most experienced and knowledgeable tango instructors in Australia.

She trains ballet since 2010, together with a rigorous fitness approach to dance incorporating Pilates tools to her private and group classes.

Shirley has trained with Carlos Rivarola, Milena Plebs, Johana Copes, Corina De la Rosa , Jesus Velazquez and Guillermina Quiroga among the most Senior Argentine Masters of Today.


Shirley: Buenos Aires Regular

Shirley also has also blessed her extensive tango knowledge and boosted her professional tango career with long stays in Buenos Aires, the Mecca of the Argentine Tango where she spend countless hour at most of the greatest Milongas .


She can proudly list the following long  record of expert Argentine Teachers and Dancers: 

- Lorena Emercida and Pancho Martínez Pey

- Cristina Sosa and Daniel Zaucchio ( 2008 Tango pista champions)

- Fatima Vitale ( 2012 world champion) and Javier Rodriguez

- Roxana Suarez and Sebastián Achaval ( world champions)

- Karina Colmeiro y Maximiliano  Cristiani ( 2013 world champion)

- Cristhian Sosa ( 2014 stage champion) and Megdalena Valdez

-  Magdelena Gutierrez and German  Bellejo ( 2017 pista champion)

- María Inés Bogado ( world champion) and Roberto Zuccarino

-  Clarisa Aragon and Johnthan Saavedra ( 2016 world champion)

-  Alejandra Martiñán

- Alejandra Gutty

- Virginia Pandolfi

- Virginia Gomez and Christian Marquez

-  Venesa Villalba and Facundo Piñero

- Adriadna Naveira and Fernando Sanchez

- Carolina Bonaventura.

Dy Principal Shirley Yao
Shirley: Senior Tango Instructor
Shirley with Principal Hugo Fernández
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Shirley has performed his own choreographs in Queensland and elsewhere partnering Hugo Fernández and other dancers.


She continue to second Hugo Fernández at his already legendary Argentine Tango Course at  The University of Queensland for UQ Sport.

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Tango Teacher at UQ Sport
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