Troilo - Goyeneche "El Motivo"

Tango (English Subtitles) - Original Video

D'Arienzo - Echagüe "Paciencia" (English Subtitles)

From TV Channel 4 Monte Carlo, Montevideo

Tita Merello "Se Dice de Mi" (English Subtitles)

From the Movie "Mercado de Abasto"

Juan D'Arienzo - Armando Laborde "De Puro Curda"

Tango (English Subtitles)

D'Arienzo - Serrano "Nada Más"

Tango (English Subtitles)

Héctor Varela - Argentino Ledesma "Yo También"

Tango (English Subtitles) - Collage

O. Pugliese - M. Montero "A la Luz de un Candil"

Tango (English Subtitles) - Collage

F. Canaro - R. Maidá "Poema"

English Subtitles

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This is the website of Hugo Fernandez and his International Tango School fabulous Team.  We are based both in  Australia and in Argentina, and our commitment is to make better tango  (and related rhythms) dancers all around the world.


I personally invite you to have a look around and contact us if you believe you need to ask any question.


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