Tango Lyrics Transations in Video Clips


Our School is fully devoted to spreading the soul of the Argentine Tango message which  is more that just the dance and the music.  There is so much beautiful poetry inside each tango song!
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Troilo - Goyeneche "El Motivo"

Tango (English Subtitles) - Original Video

D'Arienzo - Echagüe "Paciencia" (English Subtitles)

From TV Channel 4 Monte Carlo, Montevideo

Tita Merello "Se Dice de Mi" (English Subtitles)

From the Movie "Mercado de Abasto"

Juan D'Arienzo - Armando Laborde "De Puro Curda"

Tango (English Subtitles)

D'Arienzo - Serrano "Nada Más"

Tango (English Subtitles)

Héctor Varela - Argentino Ledesma "Yo También"

Tango (English Subtitles) - Collage

O. Pugliese - M. Montero "A la Luz de un Candil"

Tango (English Subtitles) - Collage

F. Canaro - R. Maidá "Poema"

English Subtitles

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