Hugo Fernandez in Buenos Aires: Update

Hugo Fernandez's premier performance with new dance partner in Buenos Aires City on the 10th June! If you are holidaying in Buenos Aires book this event with enough anticipation because that venue really gets packed! every Milonga event! Organised by the Bella Vista Tango Club at the Club Bella Vista!

Every Week The Greatest Tango in Brisbane

Yes! Every Saturday you have the option to get the Greatest Tango in town! It is truly Argentine, it is truly original, it is the only one with the passion and the glamorous brand of the Master Hugo Fernandez! Next Saturday our June Schedule starts! Be the first to show up :-) And our Memberships are open and affordable to everyone! Don't wait any longer and shoot us an email or call us anytime!

Great Tango Saturday Ahead!

All aboard this Saturday! The second week of our amazing May Schedule. Not to be missed. Fun starts at 2:00 PM. Visitors always welcome with great discounts!

Hugo Fernández in Uruguay

This coming Friday and Saturday I will be in Colonia, Uruguay. If it happens you are visiting this historic city-treasure this weekend, do not miss my workshops and the Milonga on Friday. Saturday is also open for private lessons! Este viernes y sábado entrante voy a estar de visita en Colonia, Uruguay. Si están de paso o visitando este ciudad-patrimonio histórico, no se pierdan mis talleres ni la milonga de viernes! El sábado pueden además reservar lecciones privadas!

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This is the website of Hugo Fernandez and his International Tango School fabulous Team.  We are based both in  Australia and in Argentina, and our commitment is to make better tango  (and related rhythms) dancers all around the world.


I personally invite you to have a look around and contact us if you believe you need to ask any question.


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