Tomorrow is Tango Fun Again in Brisbane!

Greatest Saturday of Tango is back in Brisbane and you really want to be there! Get your best shot of the passion dance in town! Argentine tango at its best, truly original 'Soul of Tango' which is 'Alma de Tango'... packed with the passion and the glamorous brand of the Master Hugo Fernandez! Book your Saturday afternoon with us as our June Schedule continue! Be the first to show up :-) And our Memberships are open and affordable to everyone! Don't wait any longer and shoot us an email or call us anytime!

Alma De Tango Escuela Milonga - August 2016

Alma de Tango Milongas The Music Alma de Tango Milongas have that classic repertoire from the Buenos Aires defining traditional Milongas. Alma de Tango continue through the years as the holding fort of the Soul of the sultry Argentine dance in Brisbane. The Atmosphere Housed in a building that dates back to the 1910's and which from the outside is unassuming, you can’t help but be hit by the wow factor of our dancehall. Impressive, charming and atmospheric all in one. Candle lit and dim lighting add to the already mysterious mood of this old warehouse

Hugo Fernández Show is on in Buenos Aires!

Tomorrow our School's Principal Hugo will be for the 3rd time on stage in Buenos Aires City. Once again he will be dancing his way in to the tunes of two outstanding Argentine artists: pianist Miguel Pereiro and soprano Maria Cangiano Piantados represents an magnificent expresssion which accentuates the lesser-known part of the extensive work of Astor Piazzolla. The piece will be part of the program called 'Legis Tango'. organised by the Autonomus Government of the City of Buenos Aires at the imposing Legislature Palace.

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This is the website of Hugo Fernandez and his International Tango School fabulous Team.  We are based both in  Australia and in Argentina, and our commitment is to make better tango  (and related rhythms) dancers all around the world.


I personally invite you to have a look around and contact us if you believe you need to ask any question.


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