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November's Milonga is On!

Cooler than Ever! - Bookmark our Milonga for November 2016! This month premiering our evaporating cooling units! The venue is our dance studio in Woolloongabba. Housed in a building that dates back to the 1910's and which from the outside is unassuming, you can’t help but be hit by the wow factor of our dancehall. Impressive, charming and atmospheric all in one. Candle lit and dim lighting add to the already mysterious mood of this old warehouse, 'El Taita' Chris is our who expert DJ drives a classic repertoire from the Buenos Aires defining traditional Milongas, highlighting the Golden Years of the 1940's Tango music. ... Alma de Tango continue through the years as the holding fort of Soul of the sultry Argentine dance in Brisbane. Bring your own drinks, however you can purchase inside the ballroom quality European and South American non-alcohilic drinks. We start at 8:0pm and finish...well late $12

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