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After an absence extended for almost four years teaching and performing around the globe I am finally returning home. You can have a sneak peek of my tango activities of the last two years by clinking in this link of my website:

So to all of you the new Members of our School I invite to join me tomorrow in a new chapter of your tango adventure, and to the fellow Members of all times to come together and be delighted in feeling energised and creative by the music and action of any or all of the specialised group classes scheduled for August:

2:15 PM - Tango Salón Technique

4:15 PM – Tango Salón Level 1

5:15 PM – Vals Cruzado (Tango Waltz)

And be part of any or both hours of assisted practice (Práctica):

3:15 PM – Opening Práctica

6:15 PM – Closing Práctica

And remember that as a Member of our School you benefit by receiving a top-class instruction from our internationally qualified and long experienced great teachers and a range of our services which are many.

At Alma de Tango you have the privilege of belonging to the oldest established Tango-Only School in Australasia, established in 1997, check a glimpse of my tango-love story here.

From additional support during our multiple practice sessions (practicas) that incredibly help to speed up your learning process, through being able to attend a variety of monthly assorted classes featuring different tango styles and levels during our Greatest Saturdays of Tango in Brisbane, fantastic discounts for our monthly socials ( Milongas ), terrific discounts on private lessons, extra instruction by easy access to our already legendary Tango Course at The University of Queensland, and of course an exciting new possibility to meet new friends by joining our often School Socials.

So thank you all again and am looking forward to see you tomorrow Saturday 11th August at our Woolloongabba Studio!

Till then:

Hugo Fernández

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